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Why Choose Dofiberone GRP Profiles?


  • High      strength - our GRP profiles are an isophthalic polyester resin reinforced      with E glass fiber making them extremely high strength and able to      withstand extremely heavy loads, providing stability and strength to any      construction.

  • Corrosion      resistance - our GRP profiles are resistant to a variety of chemicals,      making them suitable for a range of sensitive environments.

  • Lightweight      - at ¼ the weight of steel, our GRP profiles are lighter than traditional      steel or timber profiles, making them easy to manually manoeuvre in the      installation process without the need for heavy machinery.

  • Rust      and rot proof - unlike steel or aluminium, our GRP profiles are rust      proof, making them suitable for environments that may come into contact      with water. They are also rot proof, making them an ideal alternative to      timber in marinas, quays and other environments near water.

  • Non      Conductive - our GRP profiles can be installed in electrical environments      due to their thermal and electric non-conductivity.




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